Zombicide Runner 1

Quick and dirty summer painting continues with another season 1 zed from Zombicide. As usual, great sculpts with crappy casting, but hey…it’s game plastic. So feel free to slap paint and have fun!


I think the total time for this dude ran just over four hours after filling in the base. As usual for these guys I just re-used colors on the palette for the base.

He ended up being a bit more limited palette, I used the undead skin triad and the newer blood triad, only adding Olive Shadow to extend the darker end of the undead skin triad. As I mentioned in my WIP, I’m kind of obsessed with that triad right now, it’s really nice. The ‘greens’ here are heavy on the lower to mid and the ‘whites’ are mid to high; bloodless skin is the ‘pure white’ for this project (as it was with my walker 1). My only problem was that olive shadow doesn’t hold its value when combined with darker reds, it brings both paints up about a point.

Hope you enjoy these guys. They’re fun to paint and helping me keep my sanity during the painting doldrums!

Zombicide Runner WIP

Last weekend I put in a quick round on a runner zombie I started base coating with the fatty, but lots of interruptions. Just going to be a painting doldrum as I’ve been saying, and I’ve been finding ways to cope with prep and painting quick stuff!

Last night we were out in Saratoga seeing Doyle Bramhall, Tedeschi Trucks and the incomparable Sharon Jones. I love me some Sharon Jones, she’s just amazing.

Anyway, today I had a couple hours on my hands and decided to finish off that runner, quick and dirty. Maybe four hours total, and it shows…but it was fun and accomplishing my goal of keeping full-on rust from forming over the summer.


Just need to whip up the base colors like I’ve been doing with these quick zombies the last couple months and I’ll put up a show off, probably tomorrow…but I wanted /some/ WIP of him, hah!

Zombicide Season 1 Fatty

Here we have the hungry, hungry zed called the Fatty (their name, not mine!) from Season 1 of Zombicide.


Skin and shirt were Ginger Cookie based, I love this paint! Various shades were Intense Brown down into Chestnut and Muddy Soil (my current favorite dark brown). Highs were a Ginger Cookie/Bloodless Skin mix to cool things off and lend him a bit more undeathly feel. A little bit of violet red glazed into the shadows for further unhealth. The shirt subbed in Linen for Bloodless Skin, to give a little contrast to the skin highlights.

Coveralls were Chestnut Brown shaded with Chestnut+Muddy. Highs were Carrot Top and Highlight Orange.

Another fun Zombicide sculpt! I think I’ve painted more Zombicide minis at this point than anything but Reaper!

Zombicide Season 1 Walker

I finished this guy in May, just getting around to pics… This is a pedestrian zombie aka Walker from Season 1 of Zombicide.


I hadn’t really intended on such a limited palette with him, but as I was painting the skin I started roughing in the shirt and liked where it was going. The greens are Olive Shadow through the Undead Skin triad with some white mixed into the top end. Hair and pants were Red Shadow highlighted with some of the greens and deepest shaded with a touch of Walnut.

Here’s a shot of him next to a warmer example to highlight the limit of his palette. Really fun projects!