Pirate King and Queen WIP 1

One nice thing about being a relative newb to the hobby is the amount of new stuff to try out. In this chapter…zenithal priming!

I’ve heard it discussed and seen it done a few times, but Antimatter’s recent post on the Reaper forum had it on my mind when I went to prime the pirate king and queen. These will (hopefully) be a wedding gift for a friend and legendary RenWench. So mum’s the word if you know her 😉



Not sure how I’m going to go about holding the flag while I paint it…and I’m tempted to strip it and zenithal it, too.


Shanna WIP 2

So it’s been a few days. I had an hour long session a few days ago where I struggled with the eyes…and we won’t be doing pics for that one…

So today I finally wrestled with the eyes about another half hour and got them to where I’m going to get them 🙂 A little cavity keeps sucking paint into it along the lower right eye, and now there’s a nugget of dried paint in there, short of cutting it out and starting over on the face, well, it is what it is.


Should be able to finish her off in one or two more sessions depending on how the weather goes this weekend.

Firebrand Drone

Although the colors on the base don’t really show in these pics, I’m pretty happy with how it looks in hand. Could use some better shading on the base and I don’t really care for how sloppy the pipe looks (back-2-base-ix base).

Don’t know if it’s the different backdrop or I changed a setting on the camera by mistake, these pics look a little more washed out.

I learned so much on this mini, it’s hard to be disappointed with its lack of perfection. 2nd mini down, bring on the next one!

Glowy bits

Thanks to Althai for the hint on highlighting, that really helped with this last round of detail work!

All I did at this point was bring down the black so it wasn’t highlighted on the lower areas and then I did a quick splat of ‘oil’ on the gun hose near the pack end. Then the glowy bits and visor.

I’m close to calling it done, I’ve been on it for six weeks now 🙂 I know it’s not perfect, but then I never expected it to be. Second mini in 14 years!

Highs and lows with the Drone

Black parts highlighted, getting straight lines was a total pita…definitely going to be an area I focus on. Tightening up my lines and smaller crisp highlight edges along long surfaces. Also struggled a ton with the circular thingies, same as I did on the arm. Small details certainly a weak point!

You can also see some of the new shading for the orange.

Pretty much the gun tip, eyes and visor left. And a bit of touching up, but I’m not going to go nuts on that. Possibly going back to weather stuff to bring it in line with the armor/gun.

Talk about rusty!

Welp, I made a decision on the flesh tones for the Ogre boss man…and I am waiting on the paint to arrive. So, back to the Drone!

Working on the armor. Re-base coated the armor for the third time, finally got happy with a mid-tone of the previous two attempts, but now the paint is thicker than a tenement kitchen wall. Ah, well.

Applied battle damage/scuffing with a nubbly brush using black/brown paint applied pretty thick. Turned out pretty awesome once I got the hang of it. Needs to be pretty thick to give the right look, and there’s a bit of an art to applying it, though it was quite forgiving about mistakes while still looking quite convincing. So far so good.

Then I went to rust stains/general muck. My initial mix was too red brown and by the time I caught it, it was a bit late. Also, and probably the biggest issue, it was way too thick. Should’ve been down near a wash rather than a layer. I salvaged a couple areas by remixing with a lighter brown (beasty brown), going over a few spots, and then deepening things with some black and a few dabs of the initial redbrown/black mix. I think if the paint had been thinner, I would’ve been right in the neighborhood. As it is, I’m not real happy with it…but again, trying to remember it’s a learning project and my first try 🙂

Now for the images!

Oh, and I had also hit the orange jumpsuit with some deeper shadows when I first started today.