My entry into the Reaper forums Halloween 2013 contest.


Gravedigger WIP 8

Base drybrushed with the moonlit palette and then lit using the OSL palette. I knocked the moonlit parts down a bit with a dark blue wash after taking the second photo.


Gravedigger glued onto pins, then touched up and varnished. I’m thinking of reshooting the pics, the color got a little wonky with a green shift in the backdrop.


Gravedigger WIP 5

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…I was going to do a step-by-step of layering up my first OSL (other than glowy eyes)…and then I got in the zone. Ah, well.

First up I smoothed over that troublesome blend on the coat front. Then I roughed in the lamp and darkest OSL layer to get a feel for the scope of illumination.


Then I worked up the OSL, paying attention to metal areas which would reflect the light stronger (thanks, DKS!). Colors used: Redstone, Fire Orange, Marigold Yellow. On the lamp up into Sun Yellow and Sun:Pure White.


I think the OSL is pretty cool looking but I’m less happy with the lamp.