Seza WIP 6

Primer continued flaking off the RH soldier, so she’s in a simple green bath. Not sure what happened there.

I put in about an hour on Seza, these large minis are just so daunting and take so long (so in my universe, that’s an eternity!). Mostly working on the lower legs, cleaning up some of the shading and trying to nail all the spots the white primer showed through. Also playing with some new brush loading techniques on the palette, so consistency is all over the place.


Seza WIP 5

Ok, back to Seza! I spent some time thinking of how I want to approach this, since it’s (for me) a pretty challenging project. I decided to use a technique I first tried on Goldar a long time ago and put in a simple hue scheme and focus on value for the initial painting. I went with desaturated blues over the initial Blue Flame base coat: Military Blue, Midnight Blue and Blue Liner. I’d like to spend some time learning to paint in the lower values on this, too.


Of course, this is really rough, just getting an idea of the overall look and I like the colors (I did reject a few more saturated blues along the way). Definitely should’ve assembled the skirts after painting and saved myself a hassle.

Seza WIP 4

Rough base coating pretty much done, just some touch-up where primer shows in the darks and those spikes on her knees, I think.


Seza’s sculpt is working against me pretty hard. She needed a lot of GS work to assemble, but I probably should’ve painted her disassembled. Getting behind things is nigh impossible, so this base coating is going very slow and sloppy and I’m not sure how I’ll actually paint later stages. Lots of really deep recesses, too. Leads me to think the sculptor should’ve filled a few gaps, or at least future reference for me to look for things like that to fill during the prep phase. Stuff like the cloth sitting just off the skin so it’s a brushwrecker to poke in and paint it dark.

Seza WIP 3

I pulled out Seza to get cracking on her and noticed a couple mold lines I missed. I probably should’ve just scraped them down, but I had to smooth a few spots anyway, so I tried using brush-on sealer to cover the lines. It worked pretty well, but took many coats. So I was putting on a coat and playing some Hendrix while it dried…

Then I base coated the skin and started to base some of the darker parts. This one is going to take a while, she’s a big’un.


Deadpimp and Seza Primed

Lunch time, prime time.

Deadpimp was zenithal primed white over black primer. Seza received a white primer.

Since both were a bit tippy on their corks, I whipped up this WIP holder out of a scrap of wood. I drilled a couple 1-1/2″ holes to slot the corks into and sanded it down. Works a charm, so I’ll pop a couple more holes in there or maybe make a nicer version…insert magnets so it works with my travel case…hmm…

Seza WIP 2

Quick update tonight. Another pass on cleaning a few things up on Seza, then tacking on her skirts with superglue. I’ll clean up the joins with green stuff and then she’s more or less ready for paint. I’ll also want to pin her and as she’s pretty delicate due to the skirts I’ll probably also set up a base before paint. Pretty excited for this one, really cool model and quite different from what I’ve been painting.


Not much on Deadpimp, just carving and cutting for the last katana bit, which I tacked in with glue. Then he’s due for some GS work to patch up the katana joins and I think he’s ready for paint. While I have the GS out I’ll probably whip up a quick sidewalk/curb kind of base for him. Sorry for the crap pic!


Deadpimp WIP 1

Ladies and Gentlebeings, I present to you the first WIP shot of the legendary…..DEADPIMP!


Thanks to Kuro Cleanbrush for the second katana, you see why it was needed. Still need to put in the lower tip of the second one, of course. Here I’ve tacked in the katana parts with superglue, I’ll go back and pack in some green stuff and smooth things out some. I’m really digging it, baby!

I also gap filled Seza’s legs and the other side of her hair I missed last time: