Rollo the Barbarian

Here’s my first attempt at TMM, Rollo the Barbarian. Sculpted by Tre Manor for Red Box Games.

Rollo WIP 9

So here is my first attempt at ‘True Metallic Metals’ (TMM). It’s a fun technique, though as messy a painter as I am, it’s a bit frustrating when the metallics slop onto something. Even if I don’t miss it and get to try to clean it, it tends to spead mica flakes all over…blah. Shading is fun, highlighting back in with metallics will take a lot more practice.

So now all the major stuff is in place, the new techniques all tried out. Now it’s the fun task of finishing up those last details and messy bits I left for ‘later’…and oh all those millions of touch-ups.

Rollo WIP 4

Some more work on the skin tones, at various stages of completion. Face is lagging behind but I’ve mostly got in what I want feature-wise, it’s at a really rough highlight at the moment. Another pass on arms etc coming along nicely. Hands, well, I used the right hand as kind of a test palette…

I also sketched in some basic pants because I feel I could fiddle with the skin tones forever if I don’t other things along.

I’m particularly happy with this shot, I think it captures the look I’m going for. It’s been a challenge of putting together a bunch of things I’ve picked up from various people this year; and it’s a really solid sculpt to work it out on.