Wedding Gift

Here’s the completed display. I really wanted more time on the plinth, but sometimes you get what life gives you. The models represent the bride and groom along with their dog Bailey. The display ‘plinth’ is from a small tree taken on my property, I’m kind of known for my love of splitting wood so that injects something of the giver into the gift.

When I saw the pirate king, I knew right away I was going to paint it as the person it represents. Then I painted the queen as my friend the children’s librarian, who often goes purple as a reward for the summer reading program. And the dog….I originally wanted a dog-sized dog, but when I saw this model I knew it clinched the scene. Couple posing for a wedding photo as the dog goes charging past and they look on bemused.






Pirate Queen WIP 7

Sorry it’s been so long without some new pics! I picked out what I think I’ll use for the base and started sanding it, trying to figure out how to mount things. Today is another round of sanding and also I’m going to set up an adhesive test block. Hopefully also get the three minis drilled and pinned.

Meanwhile, since I did have the flag glued into the Queen’s model, I painted it up following Schubert’s post about wood grains (and also using his brown palette, muahaha). I cleaned and filed the base again, but it looks like she won’t be standing on her own until she’s on the display mount.


Shaft is Walnut based. Mid is a mix of Woodstain Brown and Chestnut Gold. High is a mix of the mid plus some Stained Ivory. End is Chestnut Gold with some Stained Ivory highlight. I know, it’s woodgrain and not bark but I wanted to try that effect. Artistic license!

Pirate King WIP 5


So my first big steel nmm without the guiding hand of the ever-helpful Anne Foerster (you better believe I had the L2PK3 booklet at hand, though!). About an hour of working back and forth with 5 or 6 different intermediaries, just smoothing and honing in on where the shading and highlights looked best. Not going to win any awards, but for my first real blade on my own I’m pretty happy.

Then I laid in the sword grip stealing Derek Schubert’s recently revealed brown recipe. I just used three paints he uses for roughing in tones, Stained Ivory, Woodstain Brown and I subbed in Walnut Brown for the Brown Liner (mine has gone wandering somewhere). Roughed it in with those three and then used a simple glaze of Woodstain/Stained Ivory to smooth it out.

Then applied the Ororo formula for the black boots and belt.

Pirate King WIP 3

Flesh, hair (such as it is!), white done. First pass at the main coat color (not cuffs) and chest wood. I struggle with the happy medium between speed and blending via layering, not really compatible goals 🙂 For the coat, I think I’ll have to do a pass with a lighter tone to pick out some highlights, it’s just too subtle. Goal will be to keep it strictly limited to still read ad an almost black purple. For the chest wood, ye gods. I can’t really get in there to drybrush, and the relief is a bit shallow for washing to provide decent shadowing…so it’s almost a freehand deal. Results were decent enough I didn’t throw it against the wall (heh) so like the coat, I think picking out a few highlights and call it done.


The skin I did pretty stock quick job (although it’s cool to have a stock skin tone in my trick bag now!), with the addition of flesh wash to roughen him up a bit. Not a lot of hair so pretty quick-n-dirty on that. Whites…ecch. They’re there. I’m going to have to put some serious study and practice into white one of these days, thus far it’s utterly my bane.