Twilight Knight


I intend to reshoot the pics, this was a quick shoot before anything else broke on it…I had a few more things to paint and tweak but the sword broke in a pretty bad place and the trophy is precariously glued in, so I’m not sure how much more I want to fool with it.

Twilight Knight WIP 3

Shading for the cloak and tunic.


Apologize for the shine, was cutting things pretty hard with acrylic medium. Makes it tough to get pics until I knock it back with matte varnish.

Let’s see…best notes I got go like this:

Peacock Green:Black Green (new name for green shadow)
Muddy Olive:Peacock Green:Black Green
Black Green
Black Green:Nightshade Purple
Nightshade Purple
Nightshade Purple:Nightmare Black
Nightshade Purple:Nightmare Black:Walnut Brown
Pure Black

Next I need to reclaim some mid tones in a big way. Then on to some highlights. Not going to be a lot, hopefully. Kingdom Death is a nightmare world, with no light to speak of other than that cast by lanterns everyone carries. Obviously some artistic license has to be taken, with some ambient light on the model but I don’t want a lot…even his lamp will be weakened to a glow. TKs are altered to deal with the nightmare without going insane, I figure as warriors they’d also be able to see better in the gloom…and use his lamp to attract predators.

Pale skin from living in the gloom, but bright enough to be a focal point, since I should start to pay attention to composition. I still feel like such a raw newb when I paint.