Stereoscopic Photography

Shamelessly ripping off John Bonnot’s method for stereoscopic photography I couldn’t wait to try it out! This WordPress theme shrinks the images, so use your context menu to open them in a new tab or whatever works for your browser of choice.

First up, Tyden poses menacingly:


Looks pretty cool. So, what next? A fearsome battle in the lightbox!


Ooh, exploits the depth a bit more. So why not push that effect a little with two minis inline? How about Conan and Red Sonja aka Bertokk and Tyden? Why not, they love to pose menacingly!


This is fun!

All I did was take a pic with the subject slightly off center (for example, to the right). Then a second pic with the subject off center in the opposite direction, by moving the camera (in this example, to the right so the subject is offset left). Be careful to keep the camera facing parallel to the subject, you don’t want to twist it or move it forward or back, just directly to the side.

Then in GIMP I just selected the area around one of the two images that would be the size of the final image and copied that; then pasted it as a new layer into the other image. Move the pasted layer so it matches the other image. A good trick is to use the grid markers on the side for vertical orientation. See where (for example) Tyden’s sword tip is on the grid and then make the pasted image’s sword tip match that on the vertical. I just use the cropped edge of the pasted layer to judge horizontal orientation.

That all sounds way more technical and fiddly than it is. It took me all of a literal minute to get it lined up for the first image. I don’t need the dots to see them (as John used), and traditional sterescopic imaging doesn’t use an orientation cheater, so I left that off.

One tip if you’re having trouble seeing the 3d image. Close your right eye and cover the left image with your left hand (so you can only see the right image with your left eye). Then close your left eye and cover the right image with your right hand (so you only see the left image with your right eye). This will remove the ‘duplicate’ images, leaving the stereo image when you crosseye it. Hope that tip helps, even if you see the stereo image without it, it makes it look nicer.

Thanks for the tips, John!

Dain WIP 6

First up, clipped off the shield and cleaned up the metal. Then used the engraving pen to take the primer off the socket and filed the primer off the ball, glued it up. Pic freshly glued, filed metal from the join on the shield visible.


Touched up the armpit join and shield, painted the base. Done!

Also, a bonus pic! While I was painting Dain, I kept thinking of a mini I painted probably 1992. So here they are getting ready to go have a beer or twenty.


Dain WIP 5

Ok, first up is the gold highlights. Antique Gold, New Gold, Pearl White. I didn’t mix between layers, because metallics.


Then I got into a bit of a groove NOT PAINTING METALLICS :bday:  and ran the blues and browns up to highlights. Started on the beard when the UPS guy showed up with my Rocksmith cable, so this is the progress for now as I went to rock out on guitar for a bit.

Browns went from Ruddy through Oiled for the most part, with some Linen White hinted in the mix here and there. Bedroll is some Oiled up to almost Linen White. Rope was the same mix not taken up as far.


Dain WIP 2

Holiday stuff winding down, time to get painting. Nursing a headache from an afternoon of Jameson Gold Reserve, watching RG3 and Morris take the ‘Skins to the playoffs, I finished up the base coats for Dain.


I did a second pass of the Ultramarine Shadow/Walnut Brown mix to try and tighten up all the spots where primer came through. Doing this mini again I’d probably prime it black for my sanity, the white primer has been haunting me a lot on this one.

Then, following the kit instructions, I based the gold parts in Ruddy Leather and just went ahead and based all the leather in the same. I won’t worry too much about that as there isn’t a ton of leather on him; the wood and fur I’ll change up with washes/highlights from different families. Ultramarine Shadow as a base coat for the blue areas, planning on digging out the rest of that triad to do a quick job on the clothy bits. Horns got a coat of Stained Ivory.