Bailey Silverbell

So this was another one of my experiments in trying to paint a tabletop quality mini. Overall I’m not too thrilled with it. The top highlight on the cloak in particular makes me itch. I painted her in about four hours at paint day and decided the cloak needed a lot more contrast at the last minute. I think I was thinking more about getting food at that point 🙂

I did learn a bit more about trying to maximize brushstrokes, and I also learned that I need to work a lot more with my paint consistency.

Anyway, here she is.


Finger Lakes Paint Day – January 2015

My little (hah) project from Finger Lakes Paint Day. My goal was to completely paint a mini to tabletop standard in one sitting. Still took me about four hours to complete, but it is teaching me how to be more economical and ‘painterly’ with my brush strokes. And I really wanted to use Clouded Sea and Highland Moss together.

Here is a ‘WIP’ shot, I just need to varnish her, clean up the base and get her into the lightbox for better pics.


Reapercon 2014

Just got back from Reapercon, which was an amazing time. I entered a few models into the painting competition and took a silver medal in Painters for Anval Thricedamned and a gold medal in Open for Damien, Hellborn Gunslinger. Note that both are Reaper Bones models, not the greatest detail in the world but with paint I guess you can make up for a lot…

Meeting so many of the professional artists and my fellow amateurs from the forums was a spectacular experience. There are so many talented people and they’re all a lot of fun to hang out with.

Gunslinger Damien

It’s my first conversion! I lopped the hands and top of the head off Damien and added the hands and hat from the Black Mist, with a bit of green stuff to make the top of the hat a bit wider for Damien’s big hair/horns. Painted up as a Gunslinger.


Still trying to get my camera setup right and struggling with glossiness on the mini. Some of the subtlety is killed by the gloss, the pants are more of an olive and the straps stand out against them a bit more, for instance.

Damien WIP 3

Got in another good session this afternoon. Finished a bunch of stuff, major things left are hair and metals; then touch ups. I have to hit the box’o’bases and get something cooking for Damien.


Seems like a lot of the shine is coming from the Brown Liner, it’s only mixed with water, not matte medium (my usual shine culprit). The shine in the deep shadows is not ideal for pics.

Damien WIP 1

Damien got a coat of Brown Liner to get things rolling. Mr. Schubert has been very generous in sharing his process, so with this project I’m going to use a few of his WIPs to guide me. Kind of a mash of his hellborns and his latest gunslinger, with a few detours along the way, I’m sure. DKS uses Brown Liner to start so many of his browns, I felt basing most of the model with it made sense. Unfortunately it shows as super glossy in the pics, in reality it’s just uniformish Brown Liner.

Skin got base, shade and highlight. Not sure if I want to push it any further, it looks pretty decent here. Also did the eyes.


Also trying to paint areas fully without base coating each, something I haven’t really done before. A good way to focus on my neatness.