I enjoy painting minis as something they’re not intended to be, so when Monkeysloth put up a contest to come up with a character…who better than Deadpool? In one issue, he appears in the 70s to team up with Power Man and Iron Fist and of course uses this opportunity to go ‘incognito’ as a pimp…


I added a couple katanas from 02455: Weapon Pack IV by Werner Klocke (one graciously donated by Kuro, thanks!) and some GS to add in folds where they entered his coat. The base is also scratch made from styrene and GS.

This one was a lot of fun to paint, which I needed given the past couple months (but we’re all happy and healthy now!). It turned out to be something of a continuation of my HF Gwen project, playing around with some freehand ideas and continuing to try to develop my brush control. The soda can says ‘Joke’ a play on Joka Cola, something DP would drink, surely 🙂

Deadpimp WIP 1

Ladies and Gentlebeings, I present to you the first WIP shot of the legendary…..DEADPIMP!


Thanks to Kuro Cleanbrush for the second katana, you see why it was needed. Still need to put in the lower tip of the second one, of course. Here I’ve tacked in the katana parts with superglue, I’ll go back and pack in some green stuff and smooth things out some. I’m really digging it, baby!

I also gap filled Seza’s legs and the other side of her hair I missed last time: