Ufhilloss Prep and a New Display

Here’s the more or less assembled Ufhilloss. Still needs a solid round of green stuffing and probably going to pin those arms, too…


And a new acquisition from Japan, something to keep things dust-free on the workbench!


Ufhilloss Prep

I’m hoping to start getting in some time with minis between my other projects, so I’ll go ahead and fire up a WIP post.

The other night I started cleaning up a Mierce snake and found a bubble in a terrible spot, right at the sword hilt. So I took it as an opportunity to learn another kind of pinning, though the existing hilt. In the process of doing this, I snapped the hilt again between the hands, which was actually ok as I wanted to pin through to the other hand anyway.


And the right arm pinned and glued, as well.


I’m probably going to have to paint the arms separate, since they cross over the body. Ditto the tail segment, it loops next to itself. I’ve never painted a mini in parts before, should be interesting.

Still need to pin the body to the lower half, assemble the tail, create pins for assembling the 3 sections later, then figure out a base.

Prime Time

Deion Sanders was not hurt in the writing of this post.

Primed a bunch of stuff. Ran out of black so only zenithal primed a few. My den is still tore up from integrating a new desk so I need to see if I have another can of black primer stashed somewhere…


The unprimed KDM stuff is prepped up and ready to prime, but I want to force myself to finish a few things, the shelf o shame is getting pretty full. So I’ll paint the females once the males are done or I bash out the Imperial Assault bunch.

Kingdom Death: Monster Survivors WIP 2

So a weird thing happened when I began tackling this mountain of plastic mans…I really enjoy plastic kits! The quality of the casting on offer here helps a great deal, of course.

Anyway, I finished up the initial assembly of the Kingdom Death four basic survivors and the lion. Forgot to do the lower jaw on the lion, so I had to cut the tab and jam it in there best I could.


Next step: lots of gap filling…

Kingdom Death: Monster Survivors WIP 1

I got in my core game box of Kingdom Death: Monster. It’s epic, it’s awesome, and it’s also a lot more miniature assembly than I’ve ever done. So, starting with the basics and also the easiest to assembly models, here are the 2 male First Story survivors. Still need gap filling, but they’re not too bad given my lack of experience with plastic kits!


Expect to see a bajillion KD minis in the following months as I dig into the core set.

Prep bench update

I’m not dead…yet! Mostly been spending any hobby time I get here and there doing some prep work so that I can focus on painting this winter. I also have the Grudge bust and a couple more zombicide things underway (forgot I have three or four survivor/zombivor pair prepped, too). Oh, and a couple KD pieces I pulled for a possible scene. Ah, well.


See anything you like in there? 🙂

The Grudge WIP 1

I know I’m not the only one enjoying the good weather! Getting the garden in shape, new patio furniture, grilling and chilling.

Rainy night, so I made some time to sit at the desk and work on the Grudge prep. So much prep for this guy, lots of casting irregularities. Bumps, lines and holes. Oh, those holes.

Worked green stuff into most of the holes. Had to recarve a bunch of areas where the resin filled gaps (like between earrings, etc). Then tried a quick milliput slurry across the back of the piece to smooth it a little more. I’ll sand that when it dries. Then, optimistically, mounting and primer.