Orson WIP

Kind of a weird WIP, since I wanted to keep it secret. My recipe book is at home so I’ll post up pics and some commentary now and fill in paints used later.


The usual prime/line that I do.


Base coating. The idea was to learn glazing and for this I wanted to glaze shadows down from the highlights. So it looks a bit odd at first 🙂 My inspiration for the robe was this Brom painting. Kind of a blue robe shadowed down into purple with dark purple cuffs.


Purple!? Yeah. Again, I took inspiration from Brom for the skin. The idea was the opposite of the robe, to build up the skin in layers from shadow to highlight. Started with purples and worked through pink up into white.


The challenge (beyond painting with an entirely new technique!) was to make him look evil/sickly without crossing over into making him look necromancery. The package says evil wizard, not necromancer! Besides, he doesn’t have a bow.


The stripes were a bit rough and the imp was ORANGE. I was going to work him up from there into yellow as a fire imp, with the imp under the robe as an ice imp, but I didn’t like how vibrant he was as I was going for an overall muted look with this project. So I put him back to white and liked that enough that I decided they’d be more ghostly summons.


First pass of glazing for the robe and cuffs. I started with dark blues. Also my first NMM gold for the trim. And the scroll got my stock scroll treatment. Nothing fancy, but it works, even if it’s a bit, I dunno the word, bright? for this project. Nice to have the detail pop but it’s a little out of place, maybe should have desaturated it but I’m not that good 🙂


Second round of glazing, purples. Imps painted up ghostly with OSL eyes. Leathers painted up in dusky skin triad, I wanted to keep them muted and cool. I did give a warm glaze over the larger pouch to break up the monotone.