I enjoy painting minis as something they’re not intended to be, so when Monkeysloth put up a contest to come up with a character…who better than Deadpool? In one issue, he appears in the 70s to team up with Power Man and Iron Fist and of course uses this opportunity to go ‘incognito’ as a pimp…


I added a couple katanas from 02455: Weapon Pack IV by Werner Klocke (one graciously donated by Kuro, thanks!) and some GS to add in folds where they entered his coat. The base is also scratch made from styrene and GS.

This one was a lot of fun to paint, which I needed given the past couple months (but we’re all happy and healthy now!). It turned out to be something of a continuation of my HF Gwen project, playing around with some freehand ideas and continuing to try to develop my brush control. The soda can says ‘Joke’ a play on Joka Cola, something DP would drink, surely 🙂

Reapercon 2014

Just got back from Reapercon, which was an amazing time. I entered a few models into the painting competition and took a silver medal in Painters for Anval Thricedamned and a gold medal in Open for Damien, Hellborn Gunslinger. Note that both are Reaper Bones models, not the greatest detail in the world but with paint I guess you can make up for a lot…

Meeting so many of the professional artists and my fellow amateurs from the forums was a spectacular experience. There are so many talented people and they’re all a lot of fun to hang out with.

Fire Giant / Efreeti Emir

Since I blew the deadline for the diorama I mocked up a test base, the woodland scenic ‘realistic water’ in the melted spots doesn’t show very well. Entered in the Theme Entry category instead.


Hope you enjoy him, took me over five weeks! By far the most time I’ve ever sunk into a mini, I lost track of the hours a while ago.

Fire Giant WIP 12

A couple more highlights put in, some more attempts at mid-tone smoothing. Still a LOT of mid-tone corrections need to go in. I made a major mistake when I did my initial rough-in and left far too much deep shadow. I should have put in overall shadow gradients, so parts in stronger light had lighter shadows. Instead, everything goes to dark shadow.


Really feeling the fatigue with this one tonight. I was hoping to make the final push to finish armor tonight, but I’m starting to make mistakes because it’s difficult to focus on finishing when I should really step back and re-do the armor from the beginning.

Fire Giant WIP 9

And the saga continues. It’s funny because the Vikings had sagas. Ahem. More work on the blade, deepening some of the reds to give some value and hue contrast (there’s not actually much red on the model). Sitting at arm’s length I want more contrast still, but this is getting silly and so I made another go at the edges. Note to self – watching South Park while painting is detrimental to brush control, I had to pause several times because I was chuckling so much. I also made another pass on the horns, though I want them bright I see they should probably be darker to show better against the flames.


Fire Giant WIP 8

The never-ending WIP…At the urging of a few folks on the Reaper forums, I’m going to try and make this blade work.

Gave it another 90 minutes or so. I roughed in the edges to see if it could sell it as a blade better, I want to keep them darker to pop the face of the blade, I liked how bright the old gradient version was.


It’s good freehand practice, anyway. But that deadline is so shot, I was hoping to have the whole mini almost done tonight for any hope.

Fire Giant WIP 7

I went back to the drawing board on the blade as I wasn’t happy with it. While I think this was starting to look cool, it didn’t feel right so I think it’s on to concept #3 for the blade…

After a stiff glass of Laphroaig, I’ll share concept #2, for posterity.


Just the face of the blade with a few layers of the design sketched in. Even if I were going to stick with it, there are maybe four more hours just to get enough depth and blending into it.

Fire Giant WIP 6

Quick pass on the blade to see how it looks blocked in. The idea was to have it bright like the hair, more of a fire than a molten feel…but I’m thinking I want it more molten. It’s just so bright and to my eyes a little cheesy looking. Also a few touch ups here and there, I’ll probably continue tweaking things until it’s ‘done’.


Fire Giant WIP 5

Cat got me up early, and given the mood I was in last night, I picked up the guitar and it was three hours before I set it down. Had some lunch, and when I settled in to paint, Clapton’s 2010 Crossroads was on tv. Almost four hours later, I’m closing in on finally finishing this dude’s skin…


Just in a creative groove so I (again) changed directions with some of the darker layers. Tried out some freehand and glazing. Also glazed in some of the cracks to give them a more mottled light, and fixed up the face a bit.