Figure Drawing

I drew along with Proko from youtube for my work break sketching yesterday, and it paid huge dividends in class last night. Still a long way to go, but it’s very rewarding to overcome obstacles like that. I think I’m finding a happy medium between my mind’s eye for gesture and the way my instructors want it done.

2 minute gestures. Did a few pages of these to warm up. Model was the same as Sunday, so that was cool. Charcoal on newsprint, 18×24.


10 minute study. Sanguine conte on newsprint, 18×24.


20 minute study. Charcoal on bristol paper, 18×24.


I switched up from Conte sticks to pencils (sharpened with the long taper), using the overhand grip I had been working on with the stick. It was initially awkward last year when I tried it, but the intervening practicing has made it feel much more natural. Fine linework is still tough, but the bigger stuff is much easier with that grip. Really happy I’ve been making the effort to develop it!

Also spent some time teaching other students how to sharpen pencils properly. I got a kick out of that!

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