Sketchbook Digest

Epic sketchbook digest! Turns out if you draw more, you end up with more drawings! I was able to draw every day this week, with a mulligan on Saturday for reasons.

Started out with a couple skull studies from Valerie Winslow’s excellent Classic Human Anatomy. Still using my HB graphite pencil, but I drew on toned paper and added some white conte pencil.



Then I switched gears to Patrick Jones’ stylish The Anatomy of Style for a couple head construction studies. I’d love to attend one of his workshops, because I got a bit confused trying to follow the text. Still, a great method lurks in these and I plan on revisiting often.



And then back to Winslow for some musculature study. Again with the HB graphite pencil on toned paper, adding white and sanguine conte. The sanguine wiped out most of the underdrawing, so I ended up drawing this four times over. Great for learning…but I just wanted to go to bed!


I’m really happy with this week’s sketchbook entries overall. I finally feel like I’m making some solid progress after 11 months of plugging away. Such a huge mistake to have not drawn over the summer, I won’t be making that mistake again!


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