Testing out Android apps

Testing out a few art apps on my tablet, prefacing this with a disclaimer that I just poked around informally for a few minutes on each. First up is my overall initial favorite, Art Rage. I love the sketch tools, coming from a charcoal sketch bias it is head and shoulders better than the other two. I didn’t even try painting with it, because the charcoal tools were so nice. I loaded up a toned ‘paper’ to replicate drawing on newsprint. Image is my normal anatomy work out of Patrick Jones’ book, so this app wins for ‘feeling like I’m drawing normally.’ BIG DOWNSIDE is that on my old samsung with only 3GB RAM and a pokey old mobile cpu, it’s super laggy. With informal sketching, the experience was so superior I could put up with it a bit, but for real work it would drive me bonkers. Makes me sad that the best sketch program has a slow 😦


Next up is Corel Painter Mobile. The sketch experience was fairly mediocre. Didn’t feel much like real sketching, though not as digital as Sketchbook. Faster than Art Rage. Since this is a mobile version of Patrick’s favorite painting app, I loaded up the paint tool for a quick test and it felt better. I’ll have more testing on the painting aspect, as I feel that is where this app shines.


Lastly is the preloaded Sketchbook app. I think it might be a gimped version of the full app. Lightning fast, no lag whatsoever; but at the cost of feeling ‘glassy’ and digital, no real drawing feel at all. Painting also feels very digital. Not totally a bad thing, though I’m an art luddite, so it loses points for that. But it does have that lightning speed, so might be the best for quick idea dumps or concepting out stuff for traditional work.


I really wish Art Rage was zippier on the tablet (though this experience pushed me to buy it on the Steam sale!). It’s hands-down a good drawing experience other than the latency issues, and I think the quick tests show that. No fumbling to find tools that replicate the effect of charcoal, just used two charcoal presets and BAM, I think it looks like a real drawing!

Each app has a strength to explore, if only I could have the speed of Sketchbook, the paints of Corel Painter and the drawing of Art Rage!

Sketchbook Digest

How about last week’s sketchbook digest? Okeedoke! Kind of a slim update, since I spent several days on the stuff I worked on last week, rather than banging out a bunch of smaller sketches. Going to focus on fast drawings again this week! First up is the monochrome and colored versions of Magik, based on a drawing by Chris Bachalo.



And the only other sketch was a request 🙂


During the break from school (last week was the last portrait class), I’ll be alternating between studio work and sketchbooks. So not sure how this digest idea will continue as I try to get more active in the studio! It’s a good thing. Next step is to regularly draw in both the sketchbook and have both fast and more finished work coming out of the studio.

Sketchbook Digest

Monday morning, time to open up the sketchbook(s) and see what I did the past week! I’ve found when I’m not really into it for the evening, I draw about 1/3 the page of my normal 9×12 sketchbook, so I bought a smaller 5.5″x8.5″ pad for quick sketching. And I tend to just sketch superheroes, I guess…





And then I capped off the week with a nice Sunday watching Star Wars and doing another anatomy drawing in my toned 9×12 pad. This week I dug out some old Berol Prismacolors and used flesh and sanguine for the colors, in addition to the HB graphite pencil and white conte I’ve been using. Also remembered to take a WIP pic before I went in with color. Eventually I’ll draw things that don’t have wonky proportions, I promise!



Sketchbook Digest

Epic sketchbook digest! Turns out if you draw more, you end up with more drawings! I was able to draw every day this week, with a mulligan on Saturday for reasons.

Started out with a couple skull studies from Valerie Winslow’s excellent Classic Human Anatomy. Still using my HB graphite pencil, but I drew on toned paper and added some white conte pencil.



Then I switched gears to Patrick Jones’ stylish The Anatomy of Style for a couple head construction studies. I’d love to attend one of his workshops, because I got a bit confused trying to follow the text. Still, a great method lurks in these and I plan on revisiting often.



And then back to Winslow for some musculature study. Again with the HB graphite pencil on toned paper, adding white and sanguine conte. The sanguine wiped out most of the underdrawing, so I ended up drawing this four times over. Great for learning…but I just wanted to go to bed!


I’m really happy with this week’s sketchbook entries overall. I finally feel like I’m making some solid progress after 11 months of plugging away. Such a huge mistake to have not drawn over the summer, I won’t be making that mistake again!

Monday Night Drawing

Not sure what was going on tonight, unfinished drawings and poor compositions. Each of these was almost an hour, should’ve had time to finish! Going to have to make some independent study to improve my composition, we just kind of choose at random. Modern art teachers.



I like a few spots in each, and the idea overall, so I should revisit this in the studio soon…