Monday Night Drawing

Tonight’s rules were to only use shadow and light shapes, no linework at all. Not being able to sketch in the ellipses, draw height lines, etc…it results in a wonky drawing. It’s a good mental exercise and underscores the importance of the initial gesture and construction phases of a drawing. But it makes for a pretty bad drawing…


It was a bit longer drawing, but it was so tough to get anything done without the fundamentals underneath. So I just used it as a mental exercise at first and then just played with values for a bit (since there was no saving it and I didn’t want to go through that again with a second drawing!).

Conte on charcoal toned bristol paper, 18×24 (aka ‘the usual’).

Ufhilloss Prep

I’m hoping to start getting in some time with minis between my other projects, so I’ll go ahead and fire up a WIP post.

The other night I started cleaning up a Mierce snake and found a bubble in a terrible spot, right at the sword hilt. So I took it as an opportunity to learn another kind of pinning, though the existing hilt. In the process of doing this, I snapped the hilt again between the hands, which was actually ok as I wanted to pin through to the other hand anyway.


And the right arm pinned and glued, as well.


I’m probably going to have to paint the arms separate, since they cross over the body. Ditto the tail segment, it loops next to itself. I’ve never painted a mini in parts before, should be interesting.

Still need to pin the body to the lower half, assemble the tail, create pins for assembling the 3 sections later, then figure out a base.