Wednesday Night Painting

So kind of a bummer of a class, but I saved it at the end. Tried to work on the mouth/chin/facial hair and just kept getting frustrated. Eventually just sponged the whole night’s work off! As my mind said, “your mojo isn’t here, just go home and chill,” I decided to switch gears entirely.

The instructor had given a lesson on cooling off skin tones and we have a very cool fluorescent I hadn’t accounted for yet (intending to work on shadows next week). So with a half hour left, I mixed up some paint and started slapping down quick color blocks and blending them out. It’s far from perfect, but it looks pretty cool, it directly followed the lesson plan, and it kinda saved my night.

So awesome when I can turn a bad experience into a good one. It’s something I always strive to do (ask me about the Woodstock Inn some time).



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