Home Studio Setup

Finally got a mockup for my still life setup in my den! The studio is starting to come together! Still plenty to do, I may make my own easel as I’m not happy with the height on the Dick Blick one I’ve been using (5’11” isn’t THAT tall, sheesh!). But I have an easel, some lights and a place to set up a still life, so I’m happy. Here also is my drafting table and out of frame to the left is my desk for painting minis. I need more shelving!


Speaking of still life…this morning I went to an old barn and bought a box of doodads for ten bucks. Great start to my still life objects! I tried to get a few things similar to what we have on the shelf at school. I particularly like the slim mini-pitcher thing. Need to clean them up and get some fabrics for the table and a backdrop…


Sorry for the ‘noisy’ photo, didn’t realize the paint rack was going to interfere with things!

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