Oathsworn Mage WIP 5

One thing I learned when showing the gravedigger at Reapercon, a dark OSL piece doesn’t show well unless you frame it properly. So here’s a chance to start learning some new stuff! I’m going to do a real simple stone corner, painted dark with some OSL.

I lopped another bit off the ol’ 1×1 stick and gave it a quick sanding. Then I took a couple days to find my darn stuff. I decided I wanted to have her in a corner (to showcase both light sources against a wall), but I wanted her squared to the front of the plinth.

I cut 2 1×1 squares of styrene sheet. The first I placed on top of the plinth, the second I angled to be the floor base. I glued them together with some superglue…and let me make a note here. Superglue (CA) bonds in a hummingbird’s heartbeat with styrene. I was going to slide them together to spread the glue and it bonded instantly. Woops! Luckily, the worst of the mismatch was in the front part I cut off to square the front of the floor. Then I added walls with my newfound knowledge of the bonding speed…


I did clean up the styrene a bit after taking this, but I want to have a little more lead-in time before jumping in with putty to add the stones, so I called it a night. I also left the mage in the background because she does look better against black!


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