Z:BP Nelly, Samson & Silas WIP 4

Samson is more or less done, even with those crazy eyes. Did the white on Nelly, and man did my white mojo leave the building. Only did Silas’ bow, so no pics (spoiler: it’s awful).


They do look decent at a tabletop distance, which I guess is the point. Still, pretty humbling return to painting…

Z:BP Survivors: Nelly, Samson and Silas

Just some base coats to get things rolling with these folks, nothing too noteworthy I think…




Mostly working out of the common colors in my workbench set of paints, though I did have to dig something up for Silas’s cloak. Had to mix some green and browns up, ended up using that for the red to tame it a bit.

Oathsworn Mage WIP 6

Mixed up some milliput and GS and tried my hand at a stone wall. Took a little while to get my groove, between learning the tools and the material setting up. Also should’ve done it in two or three sessions, I had to rush the last half of the left wall because it was stiffening up considerably. So it’s pretty rough and the textures aren’t as uniform as I’d like but I think it will paint up ok. The upper right and lower left have a decent consistency and are close to what I was shooting for here.


Overall I had fun getting into the groove with this phase of the project, which promises good things for the future of my ability to put minis in cooler settings.

Oathsworn Mage WIP 5

One thing I learned when showing the gravedigger at Reapercon, a dark OSL piece doesn’t show well unless you frame it properly. So here’s a chance to start learning some new stuff! I’m going to do a real simple stone corner, painted dark with some OSL.

I lopped another bit off the ol’ 1×1 stick and gave it a quick sanding. Then I took a couple days to find my darn stuff. I decided I wanted to have her in a corner (to showcase both light sources against a wall), but I wanted her squared to the front of the plinth.

I cut 2 1×1 squares of styrene sheet. The first I placed on top of the plinth, the second I angled to be the floor base. I glued them together with some superglue…and let me make a note here. Superglue (CA) bonds in a hummingbird’s heartbeat with styrene. I was going to slide them together to spread the glue and it bonded instantly. Woops! Luckily, the worst of the mismatch was in the front part I cut off to square the front of the floor. Then I added walls with my newfound knowledge of the bonding speed…


I did clean up the styrene a bit after taking this, but I want to have a little more lead-in time before jumping in with putty to add the stones, so I called it a night. I also left the mage in the background because she does look better against black!