Oathsworn Mage WIP 2

Working on some of the shadows and mid-tones, trying to find the balance of cool ambient light before putting in the light sources. Also focusing on tightening up my brush control again, it’s a developed skill and has certainly waned quite a bit! About two hours this session.


6 thoughts on “Oathsworn Mage WIP 2

  1. Yeah. Looks good. My first reaction was that the shadows were too dark on the face, but after I thought about it it totally made sense. Do you have any paint on the magic flame? It’s positively glowing on my monitor.

    • You definitely should! Just read up on the basics and go for it! If you look at my old Gravedigger project, I stacked the deck in my favor by using a dark blue for everything but the orangey-lit stuff. Really makes it look a lot better than it is, and it’s easier to sell it as light when everything else isn’t well-lit by sunlight.

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