Oathsworn Mage WIP 2

Working on some of the shadows and mid-tones, trying to find the balance of cool ambient light before putting in the light sources. Also focusing on tightening up my brush control again, it’s a developed skill and has certainly waned quite a bit! About two hours this session.


Time for some minis!

I’ve been meaning to get a couple minis in before class starts up again in a few weeks. Since I can’t ever do something simple, how about a dual OSL whammy? Subject is a female human mage from Oathsworn Miniatures.

Just some base coats to get back into the swing of things…


Keeping it relatively simple…muted colors, yellowy lamp and blue flame. Also most likely just going to keep it on the simple old school base, don’t really want to get into basing. Keeping the focus on paint.