Bargue sketching

Starting to develop a bit of discipline for home drawing study. Not the 3 hour session I need to be putting in, but enough time here and there that it’s getting me excited to draw, which helps a whole lot!

First up, here’s an example shot of the drafting table setup. Some blown-up print-outs of Bargue plate sections to get them close to proper size. They’re much smaller in the book.


These next two are from my sketchbook, done last night on the sofa while watching tv(ish). These were done in pen because Mori is all about the pen. It was a nice exercise not being able to erase and just go in there with confident strokes. These were also done directly from the book, so the scale is all off, but they’re more for fun and just rote practice. I skipped from plate 2 (muzzle) to 4 (ears) because the profiles on plate 3 are waaay too tiny to replicate on the sofa. I’ve blown them up, they’ll go up on the workbench when I’m more comfortable with plate 2 (which you see here again!) Plate 4 begins to put tonal blocking into the mix.