Thursday Night Oils

Last class, but what an experience it was! The ending of the beginning, I’ll be taking another portraiture class with this instructor in the summer.

Tonight I tightened up the shadows and the model wore his turquoise t-shirt. He wore it a couple weeks back and a few people had painted it in. We all liked how it looked so asked him to wear it one more time.


Sorry for the dark picture, tough with the glare from the awful lighting in the studio. I’ll get something better for a final update. Now it’s a mad scramble to find a frame tomorrow so I can hang it in the exhibit!

Tuesday Night Drawing

Last class of the semester 😦 Had some pizza, lots of talking, walked the exhibit hall a bit, and still managed to get some drawing done, though as usual I didn’t finish 🙂


More drapery! I think I’m starting to get the hang of it, hah. See what I did there? I started to get too into the detail and class was just about over when the instructor just told me to squint and block in the values. I think it actually looks kinda cool with a little detailed area and a more sketchy area.

Thursday Night Oils

Fairly productive class, everyone rushing to get close to the finish line. My plan had been to focus on the flesh shadows, but it turns out we got a dispensation to submit work late for the show, as we won’t “finish” until next week (submissions are due Wednesday)…so I had to work the background and clothes to be able to have it dry enough to mount. And it will hang wet, heh.

Had a warm black/brown on the palette for shadows in the clothes, so I went ahead and did the hair as well. A couple shaping issues on the forehead and left ear that I’ll hopefully be able to fix next week in the shadow pass. Probably won’t have time for glazing.


Tuesday Night Drawing

Class was pretty instruction-heavy tonight, long demonstration and the lecture portion got a bit rambly. So this one is /really/ not done! Plan is to leave the drapery up and finish next week. Some people didn’t even start on it as they were putting some finishing touches on their submissions for the show, as the instructor did a round of critique in helping people choose the submissions (and I spent a lot of time listening to that to pick up lessons, too!).


You can see where I measure and angle at the very first stages, as well as the toned background I like to work over. Then it’s roughing in shadow and highlight shapes to get a feel for the next step of accuracy.

Tuesday Night Drawing, bonus round!

So I went in and added a layer of finishing to the drawing from Tuesday night. Still a couple things to tweak, but I’m pretty excited at how I can take a basic relatively quick drawing from the studio and bring it to a finish at home. I’ll include both in this post so you can see the difference a little time at home makes. I put about another hour into it this evening, for two hours total. Conte on 19×24 smooth bristol paper.