Thursday Night Oils

Ok, so I love oils. Wet in wet blending is creamy and awesome. This class was difficult but I got a lot done! I made sure to be well-rested and formulated a game plan, that I would spend the last half hour setting up rougher work that I could blend out or refine after the model left. So I stayed a half hour late and did that, and it helped a lot.

Of course, I forgot my gameplan when I started mixing paints, hah. But I was able to whip out all my basic mixes and start painting within the first hour, so starting from scratch every time is building my mixing skills for sure. Then I remembered I wanted to focus on the eyes when the instructor told me to choose one area to focus on this evening. So I painted ze eyeballs up (h/t to Ben Komet’s shield maiden tutorial in the back of my mind!). Then I restructured the area around the eye to start finalizing the structure and get in some more accurate hues and tones. Lots of fiddling and back and forth, but the wet in wet blending was really quite zen-like. Also did a quick blend on the highlighted cheek, the unblended transition I left there last week was bothering me 🙂


Only 4 more sessions (skipping next week for school break). Ye gods, I’ll never finish!

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