Thursday Night Oils

These classes keep getting shorter! I wanted to finish the nose and lit ear, and more or less accomplished that goal. It ain’t pretty, there was a LOT of color matching that had to happen. Didn’t go too badly, but I never dialed in my warm red mid-tone, so hopefully I can glaze some of that back in! Also had to restructure the brow over the nose, just too much to do in the time left. If I was better at drawing, a lot of the re-adjustment nonsense would go away.


Next week I have to dial in the shadows, that’s going to be a super hectic class. Then the final week I’ll have to mash in the hair, jacket and background. Blah.

Still, my goal was to dip my toe into oil painting and hopefully not completely screw it up. So I’ve got that going for me!

Tuesday Night Drawing

Didn’t have time to finish tonight, stayed a bit late to rush most of this to a more or less ‘done’ state…


Wasn’t just me, the whole class did some cool stuff but only a couple got to a finish stage! Weird night.

Thursday Night Oils

Tonight was another small focus night (like the previous session with the eyes). This time, it was all about the lips. Way tougher than I thought, and I’m fighting my original drawing a bit now. Apparently working wet into wet is my thing, it’s really quite fun to have five brushes loaded with paint and work an area (six if you count a clean ‘smoothing’ brush).


Next week I imagine I’ll finish up the nose. If I have time, I’ll have a good set of flesh tones on my palette to play with, so I’ll see what the instructor recommends. Speaking of my palette, here is a pic I took before cleaning up:


Mostly working from the right side of the palette.

Tuesday Night Drawing

I kinda went back a bit more to my smudgier value drawing on a toned background, I’m drawn to that style the most so far. The instructor opened up options for the class to choose between styles we’ve learned thus far and I noticed most of the better students did the same 🙂 It’s cool seeing everyone in the class progressing, even the slowest are starting to have noticeable improvement over week 1/2.


A bit longer drawing this week, about 45 minutes to an hour. Conte 2B on a charcoal toned ground.

Thursday Night Oils

Ok, so I love oils. Wet in wet blending is creamy and awesome. This class was difficult but I got a lot done! I made sure to be well-rested and formulated a game plan, that I would spend the last half hour setting up rougher work that I could blend out or refine after the model left. So I stayed a half hour late and did that, and it helped a lot.

Of course, I forgot my gameplan when I started mixing paints, hah. But I was able to whip out all my basic mixes and start painting within the first hour, so starting from scratch every time is building my mixing skills for sure. Then I remembered I wanted to focus on the eyes when the instructor told me to choose one area to focus on this evening. So I painted ze eyeballs up (h/t to Ben Komet’s shield maiden tutorial in the back of my mind!). Then I restructured the area around the eye to start finalizing the structure and get in some more accurate hues and tones. Lots of fiddling and back and forth, but the wet in wet blending was really quite zen-like. Also did a quick blend on the highlighted cheek, the unblended transition I left there last week was bothering me 🙂


Only 4 more sessions (skipping next week for school break). Ye gods, I’ll never finish!

Tuesday Night Drawing

The focus this week was on linear shading, really not for me. It’s also at odds with the teacher’s fast drawing demands, I simply can’t put down that sheer amount of line work to get solid values in an attractive way in a half hour. We did two, the first is a far better drawing, but I had just measured in the objects and hadn’t even gotten to shading. So for the second one (shown here) I said the heck with it and tried to accomplish what she demonstrated within the half hour time limit. The results, less than spectacular. She said, “you can take it home and work on it some more.” Eh, no. But at least it’s an evening of drawing!


Thursday Night Oils

Tonight was going to be working more highlights, but after a lot of time spent mixing I decided to work on the tonality and hue of the lower light sections. The chin is probably the best result, the left eye the worst (didn’t have time to blend it or the right cheek back in). Always a matter of readjusting constantly, and when the class ends…welp, that’s it for this week!

Still happy with the direction things are moving and surprised it’s not wretched, as usual.


So worth it just for the experience mixing paint and improving my ability to analyze color. It continually walks the line between frustrating and rewarding, which is a perfect place to be while learning.