Refining the portrait drawing

Second portraiture class. Adding shadow volumes, just roughing them in to transfer to canvas. This drawing will just be a guide after the transfer step. Also adding and changing some detail, since the model got a new haircut this week.


Then finishing up the torso, adding in more detail and final proportional tweaking. It’s not quite where I want it to be, but frankly I’m kind of blown away that it turned out as well as it did. Last time I drew a human face was in the 80s! I credit the instructor, I just did what she said. And really, most of the people struggling in the class think they’re too advanced to listen to the basics and every fault in their drawing is due to not following her instructions.


Next step will be to prep and prime the canvas with a mid-value earth tone (look at me with the lingos!) and transfer the drawing to it.

Eye studies and Fast sketching

First up a bit of home study for the portraiture class. Really struggling on eyes, so I spent an hour or so working on eyes from a book on chiaroscuro. Mostly focusing on defining the structure around the eye and the lids.


A couple of the better sketches from Drawing 101. These are 18×24, conte. The thing I like about this class is how loose it is, really low pressure and rapid fire drawings. These two were longer 5 minute drawings after lots of 2-3 minute drawings. Draw, spin the table of still life, draw, etc.