Kingdom Death: Monster Survivors WIP 6

And the saga continues with this new style of blocking in color I’m trying out. Still digging it, even if I have no idea how I’ll get good blends later 🙂 First round was moving around some of the Russet Brown and Redstone Highlight and also beginning to extend both to new areas.


The next round was mostly extending out the Muddy Soil to fill in the darkest voids and accentuate the great definition in the sculpt. If you compare to the previous shot you can see some of the process in his left armpit.


And his back, not a whole lot here, just filling in some of the shadow volumes and the very start of dark definition on the right.


This is a really fun style, but probably as slow as my normal painting, hah. Unlike blending, there’s no room for mistakes when laying in the colors here (especially the darkest), so I think I traded the back and forth of blending for the precision of whatever I’ll call this technique.

I get an almost Frazetta vibe at times, which is probably a penultimate feeling as a painter! Hope you guys are digging this, let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Kingdom Death: Monster Survivors WIP 6

  1. This is looking great, Cash! I really like the style– reminds me of anime cel shading. I wonder if it’s like NMM where it looks best only from certain views? Or are you finding it still translates pretty well from all angles?

    • NMM is tough because metal reflects light on a point-of view basis. Flesh is more or less matte (leaving aside oily folks!), so the shadows are more absolute. So yeah, looks good from different angles. Glad you like it! I get into the zone painting it and then my brain freaks out a bit because it’s a weird style to paint.

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