Kingdom Death: Monster Survivors WIP 5

Still kinda hard to get in paint time, but at least the paint station is set up and ready to go. Got in a little time today. still working out the overall values a bit but getting close to the final shade values in the area I’m working. Then applying that to the rest of the skin and blending it out.


He’s quite bent over, so I keep having to dial things back further, which is why I chose that darkest area to work on first. I’ll begin working out the highlights on the upper back in a similar fashion.


3 thoughts on “Kingdom Death: Monster Survivors WIP 5

    • Thanks! I’m just kind of making it up as I go. I spent a /lot/ of time re-doing the shadows and highlights on Rollo and wasted much of that time blending…only to go back over it! So I’m trying this new thing to cut that up front time, especially on bent over models (Rollo was in a similar weird but cool pose). I started something similar recently on Seza, as well.

      I can try to put together a write-up on how I’ve done the process thus far if you’re interested. I kinda like it in this rough stage, though. It reminds me of an artist from the 70s. I can’t remember the name, but they did a lot of book covers.

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