Kingdom Death: Monster Survivors WIP 4

And further Kudos to Mr. Hockley for reminding me of the names! Had a little time before family visits to get some paint on, just blocking in some shadows on Zachary. Trying to nail down the colors and shadow regions, super rough.


Hard to get a pic when the light is where I’m painting it, heh. I went down to Muddy soil (very dark brown with some black in it) in the arm pit to test out my value range and how overall I want the piece to be.


3 thoughts on “Kingdom Death: Monster Survivors WIP 4

  1. Great start … many people would stop here. Is this one of the plastic ones?
    My resin set is MIA. I’ve been told the board, rules, and game components on contents jpg will not be supplied. I’m not expecting the dice or the bases. I’m disappointed, really. I did not expect them to nickle and dime such an expensive pledge.

    • AGN, where did you hear this about not getting a game box with the resin “beta” pledge? This is from the plastic set, I’ve heard nothing about resin at all since the update and I’m finally beginning to get a bit uptight about it. Not at all like Poots.

      • My resins came today. Massive packing errors or I was conned. I don’t want to air this in public, but mail me at ag neville at rogers dot com if you want to discuss.

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