Prime Time

Deion Sanders was not hurt in the writing of this post.

Primed a bunch of stuff. Ran out of black so only zenithal primed a few. My den is still tore up from integrating a new desk so I need to see if I have another can of black primer stashed somewhere…


The unprimed KDM stuff is prepped up and ready to prime, but I want to force myself to finish a few things, the shelf o shame is getting pretty full. So I’ll paint the females once the males are done or I bash out the Imperial Assault bunch.


5 thoughts on “Prime Time

  1. I would have liked to have seen some close ups of the filling. I’m pretty poor at it. It helps to see where other place the putty; tight to gaps or smoothed out a long way, etc.

      • I have some filler called Green Stuff that is not from Kneadatite. It’s very stiff and sticky. Wet fingers smoothed it well, but don’t fit in many places.

        I bought some silicon tools and ProCreate at the same time. I get better results using both. I think the ProCreate is softer, but I can’t tell if it’s the new putty or the tools that are making the difference.

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