Sir Forscale WIP 2

Ze tabletop marches on! The blue is roughly done, white is also though I wonder if I might take it up a bit higher as it’s still reading a bit too blue. Do you guys think the saturation contrast is too weird?

I also added in the gold and with the blues and whites in decided to change the shield’s emblem and border to gold, as well.


Probably one more two hour session and I’ll call him done. This session was about two hours on and off. Seems like I could do better for four hours in!

4 thoughts on “Sir Forscale WIP 2

    • Cool, thanks! I will go to full-on ghost white, but I think I’ve left too much mid-tone in there. Forgot one of the prime rules of white (and black): leave 75% white to read white. D’oh!

      The shield/tunic half color design is a sneaky way to get in some precision practice, too. Both in making the overall split line straight, cozying up next to it, and on the folds of the tunic making the junction squared off at the end. It wants to round off so I have to give it a little extra detail to square it up and make it connect with the other side’s highlight properly.

      • I think you have done a great job of that. I actually really like how you’ve managed to get a very clear line without actually drawing black lines on it. 🙂

  1. Using natural shadows and color/value contrast is always better than lining. Lining definitely has its place, but learning how to hide and minimize it is a great skill to develop. Since I initially hated lining, I’ve been working on that skill for a while!

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