Seza WIP 5

Ok, back to Seza! I spent some time thinking of how I want to approach this, since it’s (for me) a pretty challenging project. I decided to use a technique I first tried on Goldar a long time ago and put in a simple hue scheme and focus on value for the initial painting. I went with desaturated blues over the initial Blue Flame base coat: Military Blue, Midnight Blue and Blue Liner. I’d like to spend some time learning to paint in the lower values on this, too.


Of course, this is really rough, just getting an idea of the overall look and I like the colors (I did reject a few more saturated blues along the way). Definitely should’ve assembled the skirts after painting and saved myself a hassle.

…completely different!

Started inking it with a pen.




And with some thinned down Reaper paint, basically acting like watercolor.


Haven’t really drawn much since high school and haven’t painted anything but minis since then, either. So this was a nice change of pace. I think I want to add some background color, not sure what would look nice.

And now for something…

Decided to do something a bit different today…


I had done a rudimentary corner on Noreth’s butt-cape, but I’ve always wanted to learn real knotwork. This is a simple pictish design, but it took me quite a while to finish, maybe 45 minutes. Once I kinda of understood the short-hand of construction (my guidelines are about 1cm) and wrapped my head around the repeats it got much easier. Hopefully some day I can incorporate some simplified stuff on minis.

Seza WIP 4

Rough base coating pretty much done, just some touch-up where primer shows in the darks and those spikes on her knees, I think.


Seza’s sculpt is working against me pretty hard. She needed a lot of GS work to assemble, but I probably should’ve painted her disassembled. Getting behind things is nigh impossible, so this base coating is going very slow and sloppy and I’m not sure how I’ll actually paint later stages. Lots of really deep recesses, too. Leads me to think the sculptor should’ve filled a few gaps, or at least future reference for me to look for things like that to fill during the prep phase. Stuff like the cloth sitting just off the skin so it’s a brushwrecker to poke in and paint it dark.

Seza WIP 3

I pulled out Seza to get cracking on her and noticed a couple mold lines I missed. I probably should’ve just scraped them down, but I had to smooth a few spots anyway, so I tried using brush-on sealer to cover the lines. It worked pretty well, but took many coats. So I was putting on a coat and playing some Hendrix while it dried…

Then I base coated the skin and started to base some of the darker parts. This one is going to take a while, she’s a big’un.


Sir Forscale aka Garrick the Bold

The summer of slapping paint marches on with the ever-helpful Sir Forscale, Knight of Weights and Measures. Well, measures, anyway.


The overarching goal of these projects is to keep painting /something/ while time is short for hobbies in the summer. With this project, I also wanted to revisit painting white and try a few TMM tricks (TMM is difficult to photograph well, sorry!). As with the zombicide stuff, I’m not doing anything beyond painting the integral base. I’ll get back to basing once I start some ‘real’ painting…soon!

Hope you enjoy this iconic Reaper mini. He was a blast to paint!

Sir Forscale WIP 3

Got up early this morning, carved out some paint time, woohoo! Wish I was a morning person.

First I put some shade glazes and washes on the armor. I was just going to do a quick wash, but sometimes I get carried away. I also lightened the qhites by putting in some Ghost White and then Ghost White + White, using brush-on sealer to help with the chalkiness. I always forget to try that trick, and it does help some!


Then I went back and did a very thin glaze of metallic to recoup what was lost with the shade glazes and then put in highlights of VMA Steel. Then I made a mix of ghost white and steel and put in some higher highs, which acted as an undercoat for another thin layer of steel to really shine.


After that I had lunch and came back and finished him :p But I had to rush because we had a busy evening, with a charity 5k walk and then we saw Kenny Wayne Shepherd…

Sir Forscale WIP 2

Ze tabletop marches on! The blue is roughly done, white is also though I wonder if I might take it up a bit higher as it’s still reading a bit too blue. Do you guys think the saturation contrast is too weird?

I also added in the gold and with the blues and whites in decided to change the shield’s emblem and border to gold, as well.


Probably one more two hour session and I’ll call him done. This session was about two hours on and off. Seems like I could do better for four hours in!

Sir Forscale WIP 1

Since I’ve used him for a few scale shots, I figured I should paint him. Everyone should have a painted Sir Forscale (aka Garrick the Bold)! Also, it fits my summer of slappy paint thing I’ve been doing. Without further ado, here comes a mostly base coated knight of measurement!


‘Primed’ with blue liner. Steel is VMA steel. Blue is Ultramarine Shadow and what will be a white is twilight blue. Browns/golds based with Walnut, yellow border with a walnut/Mahogany mix.

Not sure this one is going to be worthy of a WIP, since I’m just slapping away at it. But I’m glad I took the pics, look how they’ll help me shade those metallics!