Zombicide Walkers WIP 1

Ok, it’s time to get the brushes warmed up. I forgot how small these Zombicide zombies are compared to Reaper stuff! A few nights of dialing in brush control and getting regular practice controlling paint will definitely pay off when I want to start painting, em, ‘seriously’ again…but it’s messy now! And of course my ‘quick paint’ is already a couple hours in…

I had primed these guys a while ago, so I got the worst of the lint and dust off them (kitty!) and started to lay down undercoats, just because that’s what I felt like doing. Just going with the flow here. Forgot they had some nasty hydrophobic primer (might be a bad can of tamiya), so it took a few coats…paint is on pretty thick already, meh. I did one in Olive Shadow, one in Red Shadow and the third in a mix of both with some Walnut because the value jumped up.

Started on the green one, working up the undead triad, I forgot what a jump that makes with the mid-tone, so it will be pretty rough, but hey…gaming mini! I started to bring up the shirt, and I’m liking the limited palette idea on him…going with the flow again. Still at least one more step of highlight on the skin and a few more for the shirt, it’s really only two steps on the shirt currently.



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