Friar Stone and a Pimp Victory

Well, gentle readers, I’m not dead! The stats for the site said there was a search for ‘cash wiley death’! Let’s put that rumor to bed… Paint time has been slim and probably will be for a while, curse of homeownership and nice weather combined with a busy year at work.

Deadpimp took first in the Reaper forum contest, which is pretty awesome! I was sure Melissa Powell’s beautiful Cinderella would take it. Thanks to the judges!

We’re running a box-o-goodwill thing, a traveling box where you take a few things from teh box, put a few things in and send it along. Pretty cool, but my favorite part is the group painting project. Our box (there are several running around the world!) has Friar Stone (an old Tre Manor sculpt for Reaper), and I put some finishing touches on him after many people have done the bulk of the work.

I’ve painted the club, 3 of the sacks, 1 rope bit, the fringe on the shawl, the beard…I guess all the little bits nobody wanted to paint, heh. I asked to be allowed to paint the face, but I guess a bloke named Generic Fighter just wanted it a little more this time around. Only had a couple hours, since everyone decided today was the day to call or visit Cash…so it’s a pretty quick and dirty job!

Now he’s off to the final destination to be based!


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