Zombicide Fatty WIP 1

Really not motivated to paint…so cultibating discipline! One hour, firmed up base coats and got in a couple layers of shadow on the fatty’s skin. Mixing Intense Brown into the Ginger Cookie.


At least it’s a bit of progress and I’m glad I took the time out to do it. Brush time is important!

Zombicide Runner and Fatty

Zombie interlude! The zeds are my current palette cleanser kinda thing, I look at them like running scales on guitar (or in greenie’s case, exploring inversions).

Started putting some basecoats on a runner and a fatty.


Nothing fancy here like greenie with the limited palette. Just going to paint these guys up to keep the brush warmish.

7D2D WIP 2

I got the soldier into position after some convolutions trying to get everything lined up. Should be close enough that I can work with it when positioning on the final base. Sorry for the blurry pic!


Superglued the arms into position, but the torso wasn’t socketing in clean (probably my crappy prep work!). So after I smoothed over the very small gaps in the shoulders with GS, I used the GS to attached the two halves of the body and then smoothed that over.

I’ll blue tack the scene up again soon so we can look at a few head positions and nail the final pose and get her primed for paint!

7 Days to Die WIP 1

Title tentative, just wanted to start mocking this up and needed to name the WIP folder 🙂

Hot as heck here in the Mohawk Valley and not feeling super, so not much to report today. I did start on another of this month’s goals, getting a small Raging Heroes/Red Box vignette set up. The tough girl is one of the troop box multipart trollcast minis and ironically the Red Box zombies are from the somewhat ill-fated trollcast/RBG KS. So I like this concept on a couple levels, a badabs fight scene and a vindicative piece for Ed Fortae.

I’m pretty bad at mocking things up, I tried to blue tack the arms and head and whatnot, but it wasn’t participating…I did eventually get my ideas down, and there are some more pics of exactly how the zombies will fit in on the base etc, that I’ve left off because they’re not needed at this point…


The position of the left arm is going to be tricky, it’s the part giving me the most trouble because it has to be connected to two models. I figure I’ll get it looking as natural as possible on her and then finalize left zombie’s position with some bricks/rocks/debris/skulls/cats (ok, not cats).

Still not certain which way I want her to be looking. Initially I was thinking she would be looking down the barrel of the gun, which highlights her reaction to the zombie sneaking up behind her. But she’s winking/squinting with her left eye, and I kind of want an open eye toward the viewer. I think it’s a slightly weaker position, but having shot the zombie in front as she turned and winked/stabbed the sneaky zombie is kinda cool. Third option would be looking off-stage, mugging for the viewer with a wink as she kills both zombies without looking, which fits the aesthetic pretty well, too.

Zombicide Walkers WIP 2

Welp, the green walker turned into a limited palette experiment. It’s as if I can’t keep things simple or something! I didn’t intend it that way but once I started putting those undead skin tones into the shirt it just began painting itself and I held on for the ride… I will use ‘gaming piece’ as an excuse to more or less call him done (I know he’s still really rough, but 3 hours isn’t bad for me!), pending painting the base.


Still a lot to learn, but I did pick up a few ideas and played around with how to use complements a bit better. The only paints used were Olive Shadow, Undead Skin triad, Red Shadow; with just a tinge of Pure White and Walnut to provide the final bumps to either end of the value scale.

Zombicide Walkers WIP 1

Ok, it’s time to get the brushes warmed up. I forgot how small these Zombicide zombies are compared to Reaper stuff! A few nights of dialing in brush control and getting regular practice controlling paint will definitely pay off when I want to start painting, em, ‘seriously’ again…but it’s messy now! And of course my ‘quick paint’ is already a couple hours in…

I had primed these guys a while ago, so I got the worst of the lint and dust off them (kitty!) and started to lay down undercoats, just because that’s what I felt like doing. Just going with the flow here. Forgot they had some nasty hydrophobic primer (might be a bad can of tamiya), so it took a few coats…paint is on pretty thick already, meh. I did one in Olive Shadow, one in Red Shadow and the third in a mix of both with some Walnut because the value jumped up.

Started on the green one, working up the undead triad, I forgot what a jump that makes with the mid-tone, so it will be pretty rough, but hey…gaming mini! I started to bring up the shirt, and I’m liking the limited palette idea on him…going with the flow again. Still at least one more step of highlight on the skin and a few more for the shirt, it’s really only two steps on the shirt currently.


Friar Stone and a Pimp Victory

Well, gentle readers, I’m not dead! The stats for the site said there was a search for ‘cash wiley death’! Let’s put that rumor to bed… Paint time has been slim and probably will be for a while, curse of homeownership and nice weather combined with a busy year at work.

Deadpimp took first in the Reaper forum contest, which is pretty awesome! I was sure Melissa Powell’s beautiful Cinderella would take it. Thanks to the judges!

We’re running a box-o-goodwill thing, a traveling box where you take a few things from teh box, put a few things in and send it along. Pretty cool, but my favorite part is the group painting project. Our box (there are several running around the world!) has Friar Stone (an old Tre Manor sculpt for Reaper), and I put some finishing touches on him after many people have done the bulk of the work.

I’ve painted the club, 3 of the sacks, 1 rope bit, the fringe on the shawl, the beard…I guess all the little bits nobody wanted to paint, heh. I asked to be allowed to paint the face, but I guess a bloke named Generic Fighter just wanted it a little more this time around. Only had a couple hours, since everyone decided today was the day to call or visit Cash…so it’s a pretty quick and dirty job!

Now he’s off to the final destination to be based!