Deadpimp WIP 3

I basically borrowed the red recipe from my Infinity dude, with a couple tweaks. I shaded with HD Umber Brown, because people were talking about how transparent is was…it’s a really nice paint that I’ll be revisiting. And in the endless search for ways to highlight red, I tried some tanned high mixed in this time.

I think this pic sums up why I love this project:


Deadpimp and Seza Primed

Lunch time, prime time.

Deadpimp was zenithal primed white over black primer. Seza received a white primer.

Since both were a bit tippy on their corks, I whipped up this WIP holder out of a scrap of wood. I drilled a couple 1-1/2″ holes to slot the corks into and sanded it down. Works a charm, so I’ll pop a couple more holes in there or maybe make a nicer version…insert magnets so it works with my travel case…hmm…

Seza WIP 2

Quick update tonight. Another pass on cleaning a few things up on Seza, then tacking on her skirts with superglue. I’ll clean up the joins with green stuff and then she’s more or less ready for paint. I’ll also want to pin her and as she’s pretty delicate due to the skirts I’ll probably also set up a base before paint. Pretty excited for this one, really cool model and quite different from what I’ve been painting.


Not much on Deadpimp, just carving and cutting for the last katana bit, which I tacked in with glue. Then he’s due for some GS work to patch up the katana joins and I think he’s ready for paint. While I have the GS out I’ll probably whip up a quick sidewalk/curb kind of base for him. Sorry for the crap pic!


Deadpimp WIP 1

Ladies and Gentlebeings, I present to you the first WIP shot of the legendary…..DEADPIMP!


Thanks to Kuro Cleanbrush for the second katana, you see why it was needed. Still need to put in the lower tip of the second one, of course. Here I’ve tacked in the katana parts with superglue, I’ll go back and pack in some green stuff and smooth things out some. I’m really digging it, baby!

I also gap filled Seza’s legs and the other side of her hair I missed last time:


Gwen WIP 8

I worked some Nightmare Black glazes over the armor and some Violet Red over the sword, putting metallics back in as needed. Then I did some basic skin tones loosely based on what I did with Lysette. Redstone Highlight, Rosy Shadow, Tanned Highlight and Fair Highlight.


I guess I should start thinking about some basing for her.

Gwen WIP 7

Got in a bit of paint time, finally! First I painted the boots with a saturated brown. Then I base coated the metals, forgot to do the brass in the first shot, woops. VMA Steel (and Gold, not shown heh). Apologies for the poor pics, as always metallics photograph poorly.


Then it was time for glazing it, I’m using mostly Nightshade. Nothing but lots of repetition, getting a feel for where the shadows are going.


Lots more work on the metals, don’t let ’em tell you nmm is more work! I’ll continue to glaze in basic shadows and then come back with the Steel again. Then back in to fix transitions with the shadows. And then some color glazes to finish things up.