Bailey Silverbell

So this was another one of my experiments in trying to paint a tabletop quality mini. Overall I’m not too thrilled with it. The top highlight on the cloak in particular makes me itch. I painted her in about four hours at paint day and decided the cloak needed a lot more contrast at the last minute. I think I was thinking more about getting food at that point đŸ™‚

I did learn a bit more about trying to maximize brushstrokes, and I also learned that I need to work a lot more with my paint consistency.

Anyway, here she is.



2 thoughts on “Bailey Silverbell

  1. For only 4 hours of work, I think you hit tabletop quality just fine! Sure the contrast might be a bit high, but it’ll look good where it needs to… on the table!

    • Other than the cloak’s top highlight, I’m pretty happy with it. From 3′ away, the nmm looks pretty good. Next time I might take a few minutes to run a couple quick glazes on the sword.

      Anyway, thanks for the compliments!

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