Paint-by-Numbers mini selected!

The results are in, hot off the…whatever they’re hot off. The thing over there.

Tied for 3rd Place (sheesh!):
Elizabeth, Female Pirate Captain (Reaper)
Warmachine Light Warjack (PP)
Penthesilea (Infinity)
Wu Ling Shu (Bombshell)
Forsaker Pinup (plastic) (Kingdom Death)
2008 Christmas Sophie (Reaper)

2nd Place (Sorry, Jessica!):
Female Mage on Stairs (Dark Sword)

And our winner is….Chuppa (Hearth Stone)!

I’ll get things sorted with Scott and once I buy, prep and prime it I’ll start the WIP thread and we can start voting on stuff! Remember not to get too impatient for any phase of this, as it’s just a fun side project and will take a back seat to a lot of other stuff. But I would ideally like to finish it up this year!


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