Cash’s Paint–by-Numbers

I took a survey of minis the folks of the fine Reaper forum community might like to see me paint. I’ve put them into poll form for everyone to vote on. 3 votes each and the poll will run for 2 weeks. I ask you to please keep it fun and only complete the poll once, even if there’s a way to work around it! Be honorable!

Here’s a direct link, as well. Apologies for not including pics, so many entries! Google is your friend 🙂 Thanks for playing along! For those not in the Reaper community, I’ll be letting people decide how I’m going to paint it, as well! It could get weird…

Cornrow WIP 4

I put in some flesh tones and did the eyes, though they don’t show in the pics; as well as re-establishing the hair. The detail on the face was too small for the Rosemary brushes (0 and 1) and their point splaying tendencies, so I switched out to a W&N 0 for something a little different. Aesthetically I dig the proportions of stuff like Infinity, Thunderbolt and Red Box; but man it sure makes painting a lot more difficult than a heroic Reaper mini!