Rollo WIP 5

Roughed in some stripes on the pants. Many various touch-ups and tweaks, so many things I keep wanting to change or smooth over!

6 thoughts on “Rollo WIP 5

  1. I do that pretty regularly when painting stripes. (I have an army of Swiss with striped pikes, so I got lots of practice.)

    That kind of outlining really helps almost any sort of freehand look crisp. (Nicely done, btw.)

    • Thanks! Because the lines were going to be pretty wide, I didn’t bother with sketching in guidelines. I just put in a fairly messy line and then spent some time cleaning it up with the basecoat of the pants (golden shadow) and the base/shade of the stripes. Then it was two layers, I forget the midtone but Ashen Blue was the higher value tone I used. Still pretty rough but should hopefully clean up quick.

  2. I think because of all the folds and general movement of the fabric isn’t really hard to tell where the lines aren’t straight or haven’t been cleaned up yet as it’s looking really good.

    I actually managed to get some freehand going with the dot method as I can’t get a straight line with a stroke. However dotting I can get a pretty decent line. I got the idea from this figure as well as it’s how I started putting highlights on this summer.

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