Rollo – Showing my work

Excuse the super rough work, but I thought these pics were pretty cool to see the process I’m experimenting with.

Initially I worked in shadows over the basecoat/midtone (Redstone Highlight). For the shadows I tried several combinations of colors before I got something I liked, so there’s a bunch of stuff in there, red/browns and turq and indigo.

Then I roughed the mids back in to adjust for where I went nuts with shadow. This was pretty harsh on some of the transitions, the initial shadows were smooth. Next time I’ll keep things rough all the way through until after all values are roughed in!

Having had that thought, I continued putting in highlights pretty rough, Tanned Shadow adding Golden Highlight. A few quick shots of a side mix with the midtone to tweak things. Very sparse on the left arm, trying to pay attention to the composition as things start to roughly come into focus. Following on that, I adjusted the shadows in several spots to tighten up the feel I’m going for.


5 thoughts on “Rollo – Showing my work

  1. Nice job on the eyes. There’s a fine line between focused rage and cross eyed and you managed to not cross it. Looks like you got a good smattering of highlights in but I’m wondering if the arm facing the camera should have a bit more?

    • Depends on when I do a final round of highlights. Right now it doesn’t, the light source is high and slightly behind, I’ve already bent a bunch of rules to get the face lit. Doesn’t really show here because the face got several mid glazes because it was way too lit.

      As far as the eyes, you’re just seeing shadows. I’m not a fan of the Garrity style sculpted eyes (little orbs), as it forces the painter to leave the sclera in shadow. Schubert might be cartoony with his eyes, but at least it gives you something to paint up nicely. Short of filling and resculpting, I can’t do anything more with these.

      Looks great in sculpture, terrible painted. We don’t have giant recesses to either side of our pupils!

    • Thanks, Willen! I’ve learned a lot so far on this one.

      But I do have to mention I never go from anything to perfect blending, hah. Good blending is something that still evades me, right now I’m focused more on good value placements and interesting colors.

      And honestly, part of me wants to leave it like this because I like the painterly look of it 🙂

  2. If you just brought up the contrast some I think you could leave it as is and it would look awesome. Something doesn’t have to be blended 100% to look good but you’ve got to have got to know how much to place and where which this mini so far is doing quite well.

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