Rollo WIP 2

Wrapped up the first round of shading on the skin and roughed in the mids, trying to keep composition in mind. Then I’ll work the mids and start putting in skin highlights and let that dictate if I need more shadow. Hmm, I should probably try those tiny eyes before I go too much farther on the face…


3 thoughts on “Rollo WIP 2

    • Thanks, it’s still pretty rough. I was also trying to paint later than I used to, to be less rigid about when I paint…and I was tired when I re-established the mids and started roughing in the highs and they went on way too opaque. Not a huge deal at this point, but it’s tough watching a bunch of decent blends get slathered over.

      All part of trying to take more control of my lighting. I still think my overall best lit miniature is my Drone from 2012, so I’m working to improve my control, which means sometimes re-doing areas.

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