Orcs/Humans Proto WIP 3

Note to self: don’t take off this long between paint jobs again. Feeling kind of blah painting today: plastic models, fighting paint consistency, trying to learn to paint tabletop quality and not make things too nice. Also, this is always a blah part of the painting for me, I love putting in the details and making things look nice, so several vectors away from my comfort zone here.

Anyway. I decided to just base coat the humans entirely red and fix in the golds later. I didn’t want to spend all day base coating (it’s very humid), so paint is too thick and still not covering well. Oh, red. How thou doth vex me. While drying between coats, I washed the orcs in Nightshade Purple and started sketching in the oranges on the BB orc. Forgive the crap phone pics.


7 thoughts on “Orcs/Humans Proto WIP 3

  1. If thick paint is an issue, it might be time to look into the new Vallejo Game Air range. I ordered a few online tonight, so I’ll see how they are when they’re in hand in a few weeks. I know you think yours anyway, but if VMA is any indication, they should be a delight to use.

    • Intentionally too thick because I was rushing the paint job. I don’t need more paint 🙂 I am interested in how the new line works, but I won’t be getting new paints until I go through the set I already have. Maybe a few holes might need filled, but I’m pretty good on that front.

      I might just have to jump back into my regular painting. As much as I want to paint these guys up to play, I’m /really/ not feeling them. So there is very little motivation to paint in the scant time I have available.

  2. Hi, what is that vivid red you used? I’m interested to know because I used the “dragon red” bisect from Army Painter and it’s to dark for my taste. Thank you

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