The Keeper WIP 1

I worked a little on the Red Box Games Keeper at paint day yesterday. Forgot my Alien Goo so I couldn’t work up a good OSL spectrum, so just some basic monochrome secondary light source work.



2 thoughts on “The Keeper WIP 1

  1. Looking forward to seeing how you do him. He’s a bit of a PIA due to his positioning. I love Tre’s work but sometimes hate his ‘true 28mm’ standard. The barbarians are so much easier then this guy and the zombies were.

  2. I like the smaller stuff, though it is a challenge to cram in as much detail. Tre had some really amazing WIPs at Reapercon, but he’s since said he is upping the scale on them, they were slightly smaller than this guy. And some day I need to get painting my stash of Tom Meier elves, speaking of tiny detailed models!

    Anyway, I think this hunched pose is going to work in my favor once the OSL starts going in.

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