Noreth WIP 8

The next step in my nmm process is to rough in the shades and highs and start playing around with where they sit. At this point there is probably one more level of shadow and several more highlights to rough in. This rough-in step is 5 colors (plus base coat which is pretty much gone now). Back and forth, push and pull. When it starts to look good, I’ll pop in the last shade and most of the highlights. Then I’ll take each color and mix a glaze from it and start to smooth the transitions. Finally, I’ll hit the final highlights.

Anyway, here’s a mid-process nmm gold rough-in. Dark to light. About an hour and a half, I paint slow!


Next I’ll bring back the mids some and work the darks again. Rinse, repeat as necessary.


2 thoughts on “Noreth WIP 8

  1. I hate even mentioning it because I’m sure I sound like an ass. First up, thanks for all the posts. It’s fantastic to see your process and howyou go about things. Your NMM is fantastic and your work here is no exception. The only negative I’d mention, and it’s not in the skill set, it’s the color choice, your golds are a little too close to the shirt right now.

    • No, Joe, you’re correct. I was originally going to paint the tunic green and planned the armor accordingly. I should’ve moved it to blue when I changed the tunic.

      Don’t sweat constructive criticism, I enjoy hearing it!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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