The Prep Bench

One of the things I want to be better about is having a project or two prepped so I don’t get a long lag time between projects.

To that end, I had already started prepping one of the Kingdom Death plastic pinups (the Twilight Knight, of course!), so I did some more work on her last night. Since I haven’t used plastic model glue before, I thought maybe I should practice on some gaming plastic first. I did a quick clean of the gnarly Mantic restic, a couple Dreadball minis; then I glued them up. One overglued join got a little messy, another underglued join popped off with handling a few minutes later; but I got the feel for how the glue works.

I went on to glue the TKPU’s legs in, Poots put on a nice subtle orienation slot/key setup. One leg went in beautifully but the other got a little melty on the front and gapped a little on the back. She might need to be painted in steps, her cape needs to be glued before her head and it gets in the way of a lot of things.

So the next step is to practice filling gaps on the Dreadball guys before moving back to the TKPU.

I also looked at assembling one of Tre’s orcs and I learned I’m not a fan of modular models as they require significantly more assembly and prep work as the joins are much looser than simple assemble jobs.

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