The Prep Bench

Still working at the prep bench, my time is in short bursts not conducive to painting. Going to be another busy couple of weeks.

The plastic model glue works really well with Kingdom Death’s new plastics. I’m quite impressed with the material, it has been my most pleasant experience with non-metal minis to date. Poots put in really good joins so they set quickly and straight with very little effort. I might have to paint more of these pinups just because they prep so easily, despite being in a ton of little pieces. Glued up the TKPU’s arms and sword, I think I’ll have to hold off on the head and cloak because it’s a weird assembly I might want to get some base coating in first, even though I hate painting pieces separately.

But that glue does not work with the Mantic plastic (“restic” blah). Nor is it very easy to prep their models, either. Eh, gaming pieces, but still. Poots plastic is a test run for gaming pieces. The difference a mad focus on quality gets you. So I pulled them apart, cleaned them and glued them back together with superglue.

Then I started playing around with an idea for a scenic base, since I have the one I started in Clever Crow’s class. Currently I’m considering Red Box Games’ Keeper model as he fits in pretty well. I’d like to add a zombie or skeleton crawling from an open grave, as well as a raven. But I don’t have good candidates for either. The Bones skeletons are just too coarse compared to the RBG stuff, Tre’s zombies aren’t posed well for what I need. I do have a really nice raven but he goes to a piece I’m not ready to cannibalize.


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