Noreth WIP 8

The next step in my nmm process is to rough in the shades and highs and start playing around with where they sit. At this point there is probably one more level of shadow and several more highlights to rough in. This rough-in step is 5 colors (plus base coat which is pretty much gone now). Back and forth, push and pull. When it starts to look good, I’ll pop in the last shade and most of the highlights. Then I’ll take each color and mix a glaze from it and start to smooth the transitions. Finally, I’ll hit the final highlights.

Anyway, here’s a mid-process nmm gold rough-in. Dark to light. About an hour and a half, I paint slow!


Next I’ll bring back the mids some and work the darks again. Rinse, repeat as necessary.

Noreth WIP 7

Pretty simple session, just getting the golds base coated. Then I did my quick sketch to get a rough idea how I want the light to flow over the metals. Always subject to tweaking but it gets me considering each piece. I’ll move on to first shadows from here and further sculpt out how the shadows flow. I figured this would be a good stopping point so you guys could see how I sketch them in, though.


Noreth WIP 6

I more or less finished the sky steel nmm, pics show a few spots that need touch-ups. Not super happy with the frontal ridge, note to self: always paint the back of the sword first! The back came out pretty nicely. Then I went back and base coated the areas intended to be gold later with Muddy Soil. This is part of a new style I’m trying, where I work out larger gradients and then go back in and clean it up later, takes a lot more brush control! But if you look at the shield and the bracer, it really makes painting those a lot easier as one unit rather than small sections.


Hair, then gold, then touch-ups. Nearing the finish line for paint, then on to basing. Probably nothing extravagant, just building out the sculpted base a bit to practice with green stuff.

Noreth WIP 5

More work on Noreth this evening. The, err, butt cape…working from a mix of Nightshade:Spattered Crimson:Black Green into Black Green into Black Green:Golden Highlight. Then roughing in the nmm ‘steel’, taking his name into play (Skyblade) and using Clouded Sky as a base with only Nightshade and Pure White thus far. Needs more shadow layers and it only has the first highlight in. You can still see some of my guidelines where I sketch in the highlights before I start the nmm, they’ll get covered as I work the highlights up, then reclaim the mids and add deepest shadows.

I don’t often stop in the middle of doing nmm, so here’s a nice actual WIP shot!


The Prep Bench

Still working at the prep bench, my time is in short bursts not conducive to painting. Going to be another busy couple of weeks.

The plastic model glue works really well with Kingdom Death’s new plastics. I’m quite impressed with the material, it has been my most pleasant experience with non-metal minis to date. Poots put in really good joins so they set quickly and straight with very little effort. I might have to paint more of these pinups just because they prep so easily, despite being in a ton of little pieces. Glued up the TKPU’s arms and sword, I think I’ll have to hold off on the head and cloak because it’s a weird assembly I might want to get some base coating in first, even though I hate painting pieces separately.

But that glue does not work with the Mantic plastic (“restic” blah). Nor is it very easy to prep their models, either. Eh, gaming pieces, but still. Poots plastic is a test run for gaming pieces. The difference a mad focus on quality gets you. So I pulled them apart, cleaned them and glued them back together with superglue.

Then I started playing around with an idea for a scenic base, since I have the one I started in Clever Crow’s class. Currently I’m considering Red Box Games’ Keeper model as he fits in pretty well. I’d like to add a zombie or skeleton crawling from an open grave, as well as a raven. But I don’t have good candidates for either. The Bones skeletons are just too coarse compared to the RBG stuff, Tre’s zombies aren’t posed well for what I need. I do have a really nice raven but he goes to a piece I’m not ready to cannibalize.

The Prep Bench

One of the things I want to be better about is having a project or two prepped so I don’t get a long lag time between projects.

To that end, I had already started prepping one of the Kingdom Death plastic pinups (the Twilight Knight, of course!), so I did some more work on her last night. Since I haven’t used plastic model glue before, I thought maybe I should practice on some gaming plastic first. I did a quick clean of the gnarly Mantic restic, a couple Dreadball minis; then I glued them up. One overglued join got a little messy, another underglued join popped off with handling a few minutes later; but I got the feel for how the glue works.

I went on to glue the TKPU’s legs in, Poots put on a nice subtle orienation slot/key setup. One leg went in beautifully but the other got a little melty on the front and gapped a little on the back. She might need to be painted in steps, her cape needs to be glued before her head and it gets in the way of a lot of things.

So the next step is to practice filling gaps on the Dreadball guys before moving back to the TKPU.

I also looked at assembling one of Tre’s orcs and I learned I’m not a fan of modular models as they require significantly more assembly and prep work as the joins are much looser than simple assemble jobs.

Noreth WIP 4

Slow going, it’s the time of the year for chores and yard fun. It was supposed to rain so I had planned on painting, then it didn’t rain (again)! Well, what the heck, how about some painting anyway?

Only did the tunic this evening, but the undertunic and some touch-ups (eyebrows!) were done previously but not pictured until now.


The tunic took Ginger Cookie down into Intense Brown shadows, with a hint of Carnival Purple to help the contrast in a few spots. Then up to Golden Highlight.